Welcome to Ranasamajusa

(Non Profit Community Organization)

Welcome to www.ranasamajusa.com. This website is dedicated to Rana community living in United States of America. The primary objective of this website is to provide information to our community living in USA and abroad. As the world is turning to Information Technology, our Rana Samaj need to keep up with it, and that's when we came up with the idea of Rana Samaj web site. This is our first attempt in this direction so please let us know your comments to make this website more interactive and more informative.

Our goals are

Ø  Seek to enhance opportunities for the member?s unity, development of social, religion and cultural fulfillment.

Ø     Assist in promoting educational, social, religious and cultural events.

       Help its members to maintain and promote their social religious, and Hindu cultural heritage among themselves and their children.

Ø  Consider excellence awards for its members in various fields and raise funds for the purpose of donating to charitable and educational causes and its activities here in USA and India.    


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Contact PANKAJ A. RANA (President) @973-859-0844 for inquiries.

Please email me your opinions and suggestions at [email protected] (Rajendra Rana, Clifton NJ 07013)

Last updated on  14th January; 2015.